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Fun ways to improve body awareness and impulse control

Violet is headed to kindergarten and as a teacher, I get the summer off, woohoo! I'd like to work with Violet over the summer on things like body awareness and impulse control as I know these will be her biggest challenges in kindergarten. I have some ideas of things to do to work on this and although a lot of these are things we would do anyway, I'd like to make a point of doing them with more frequency and intentionality than I would have otherwise. Please let me know if you have any ideas of other things I could do:

* Climb trees (Gross motor, body awareness, visual spatial reasononing)
* Build with Lego (For the fine motor and visual spatial aspect)
* Do yoga (Body awareness and gross motor)
* Ride bikes (Body awareness and gross motor)
* Work on flying a kite (Impulse control and body awareness... Believe me... I tried flying a kite with her and these things were an issue)
* Play Rhino Hero Super Battle (Look it up. It's a pretty neat game! We started playing this and I can see huge improvements in her body awareness and impulse control while she's playing it compared to the first few times we played)
* Take swimming lessons (If I can find lessons that fit our schedule and I can afford - works on gross motor and body awareness).
* Clapping games (body awareness and gross motor)
* Play basketball (gross motor and body awareness)
* Read books that teach calming strategies (impulse control)

Any other ideas?

Edit: I think I'll also try to make 1:1 time with each kid more consistent. Besides what she gains from having my full attention, I think she also gains a lot from being able to allow her brother to have the same! Currently, she's pretty bad at letting her brother have my full attention unless she's either still in bed or allowed to use the tablet/computer.

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Stick a piece of paper to the bottom of a table and have her lie on the floor underneath and draw on the paper.

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These are very useful tips, thank you for sharing!

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These sound like great ideas

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