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Mum (Mom)
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Wobbly teeth...what age?

My dd is 4 (5 in October) has one super wobbly tooth at the bottom and one a little bit wobbly.

The dentist said around 6 is the normal age but then said not the be surprised if her big back teeth start coming out as she can feel her big teeth coming in.

Why is she loosing her teeth so early? Any else's little ones the same???

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Mum (Mom)
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My dd2 is the same age as yours and she has one wobbly and one ever so slightly wobbly (both bottom ones) my eldest lost her first two within days of each other, a month after she turned 5.
I think most of her class had lost a couple of teeth at 5 but a couple were closer to 7 before losing any. There really is no normal I don't think, anything between 4.5 and about 8 is normal I guess!

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Mine is 5 and the dentist said he would probably be getting his first loose tooth before the end of the year (based on the x rays). Before he saw the x rays he said 5-7 is the normal age.

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I would say from 5 onwards. But my daughter didn't lose her first one until she was nearly 7 so everyone is different.

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Mum (Mom)
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DD1 is 6 in February and had her dental check 3 weeks ago . He said her front tooth is a tiny bit mobile so expect it to fall out over the coming weeks . Some of her friends have already lost teeth .

I always assumed anywhere between 5 1/2 - 6 they would loose/ get wobbly teeth .

She’s not impressed at the thought of loosing her teeth ! As long as she has
Good oral hygiene and they form well hopefully won’t cause her a problem x

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My kid is 5 and a bit and she has one tooth out and 3 more wobbly. can be a big range her 7 year old friend only has her first wobbly tooth now.

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