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Concerned with DS primary school teacher.

I thought DS's teacher was great until recently when her treatment of DS has been questionable.

Each child has a "reader" where its a folder that they put their selected reading books in, and a "words lists' book that the teacher glues in a sheet with words the kids need to practice.

DS has been doing well with committing to doing his reading each night, and earlier last week he was reading his current "Blue words" perfectly. Silly me though forgot to pack his words list book into his reader for the following day. This resulted in the teacher telling DS after doing reading with him that he has earned his "green words" now, and she'll give them to him when he brings in his words list book to stick them into.

Well i didn't forget that book for the rest of the week and all of this week so far, but she hasn't given him the new words. DS said he'd ask her about it and her response would be "You forgot your book last week, so no you can't have them"

DS has come home pretty upset about it and he said now all of the other kids have their new words except him. It appears the teacher is punishing him a fair bit because I forgot that book earlier last week and the fact it has been packed in his bag from then on hasn't been good enough for her.

DS said other kids forget their books all the time, so the teacher just sends the sheet of paper home with them. But with my DS he has now been held back 1.5 weeks.

I ended up speaking to her this morning about it and asked if DS can have his new words as he isn't challenged anymore. She was all apologetic and said because we forgot his book last week she's since forgotten about it.... which is a lie as DS has asked her on 3 occasions and she has dismissed him.

This has made me feel terrible, as it feels like she has sort of shamed DS over MY mistake.

What are your thoughts? I kept things nice with her while DS ws there as I don't want him feeling any more stress. But does her behavior seem weird and sort of mean?

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