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34 week scan.. advice needed

hi there, im from the uk and yesterday had my 34 week scan to check the position of my placenta, luckily it has moved! the only problem is i have been told my little boy is very big at 6lbs already! he has broad shoulders so i have been warned about shoulder dystocia and have an appt with the consultant 4 days before my due date if he is not here already. i am extremely worried and did not sleep at all last night,i wondered if anyone had been in this position? im going to ask for a c section or to be induced and wanted to know what the chances of me been able to be induced or c section are? thanks xx

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I am not sure how successful you will be in asking for either really. There is a belief that baby puts on around half a pound a week until delivery at this stage so maybe you will be looking at a 8-9lb baby?? which is doable. My second was 8lb 13oz and I had a few stitches but no major trouble with shoulder dystocia etc. Good luck and I hope it works ou tsmoothly for you

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I understand that any lady in the uk who requests a c section due to fear of birth will be given one. Maybe explain that the scan has left you fearin the birth due to his size? Xxx

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Well I say if u don't ask u don't get so I'd explain ur fears and see what they say. My second was 9lb 3 and no problems with delivery...slightly worried about the size this one will be thoxx

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