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welcome back me! :) my vbac after TWO SECTIONS story

i dont know if anyone remembers me of where i should post my story but maybe best here.

first off ive got 3 children the first two were bu sections and my 3rd was natural!!!!! i am still in so much shock i havent been on here since baby was born as been so tired and busy looking after 2 babies and a 10 year old!

to cut the story short otherwise would be thousands of words long haha

my first i was 17 when i got pregnant and went over due term plus ten i was induced, my labour lasted 2 days and i was 9 and half cm and was taken for section due to long labour and back to back baby, i was gutted...

ten years later i got pregnant with my second, i was so excited at the thought of having a natural birth, i went into labour at 41 weeks and again it was a very long labour lasting 4 days and again a back to back baby, i was fully dialated this time tho so i thought yes once your 10cm it comes out vaginally for sure, but no, after a hour pushing and them saying possible cord prolapse i could not carry on so i was down for yet another section. i was so upset and couldnt get over the fact i would never experience a natural birth, i was so jealous of people who had and embarrassed i couldnt push a baby out.

my 3rd baby came as a big surprise, i fell pregnant only 6 months after my last section and was so scared about what would happen, i was told i should have a section and they didnt give me the option of trying, but i told them its my body and my choice and i would be in the right place if anything was to happen, they wasnt happy. not the doctors anyway, but i stuck to my guns and said no matter what i am yet again going to try... with my 2 previous outcomes, its seemed like it wouldnt happen and everyone kept telling me to just have a section. come 40 weeks i was getting scared as i st didnt think i would go into labour, at 41 weeks 1 day things started, i stayed at home as long as i could niggly pains started friday morning, come sunday night i just couldnt take the pain anymore, i went to be checked, and i could not believe it i was 7cm!!!! but yet again baby was back to back and still very high up and not engaged at all, which was the same as my first two babies, so i thought the worst. i was so shocked at being 7cm till i went in as last time i was 1cm and in unbearable pain then, afew hours later i was 8cm and they wanted to break my waters but i totally refused as i have read it can malposition a baby and as mine wasnt in the right position i just new he wouldnt turn if they did, about a hour later my waters broke on my own i was so shocked as they had broke my waters the last 2 times but at 4cm, i was check again and was told i was 10cm! i was so excited but scared as baby had pood lots in me but the trace was totally fine and showed a very happy baby still. a doctor came in and said we will try forceps, i said no no no as i know what that meant, down to theatre and possible section, i thought aslong as baby is fine and i stay in the labour room and dont go anywhere near theatre then i wouldnt end up with a section,but she still went to get the papers for me to sign anyways, cheecky cow! buy the time she came back they midwifes shouted, to late! babys coming, i had only gave a few big pushes and the head was crowning, it happened very quick after that and out came baby tho i did end up with the suction cup which was nothing at all it felt so magical to have a normal birth and even baby must have turned last minute as was back 2 back all the way till he came i still cant get over it now 4 months later. i just wanted to share it with anyone who is planning a normal birth after more than one section its very possible!!!. if anyone wants to chat the please feel free to ask anything

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Wow. Amazing story. Very inspiring. And good for you for standing your ground in labour - refusing having your membranes ruptured and forceps - is not easy at 7-8cm.

Lovely read. Congratulations.


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So pleased for you! Well done for sticking to your guns xx

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First of all I just want to say congratulations!! and YAYYYYYY

This is exactly what I need to hear, I am going to try a vba2c in January and I am terrified of everything, mostly rupture, because I make big babies
Do you have any tips?

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