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Starting to Feel Nervous about L&D

I plan on delivering my first naturally with as minimal interventions as possible. I have taken the courses, read the books, and now I wait for go into labor. Of course, the more you wait and think it over the more your mind takes over and makes you nervous!!!

My main impetus for natural delivery is to allow for mobility, immediate breast feeding, and avoidance of a c-section. I don't need to wear a badge saying I did it but I am more concerned about my health and the baby's health. If I need a c-section or epidural, I will be disappointed but I know all that will dissipate once baby is in my arms.

Some days I feel confident I can do this naturally (as billions before us have) and other days I panic that I will be overwhelmed and unable to deliver the way I want.

For those who delivered naturally, what types of things did you do to get through the worst of the contractions? Visualization? Labor ball? Shower/tub? I want to try anything that will help move it along and help with the pain.

And since I'm in the USA, "gas & air" is not an option.

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I found being in the bath and having my dh pour water over my bump relaxing If I couldve I wouldve had a water birth but couldnt due to complications. Water is great!! Good Luck x

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I did hypnobreathing and had to lean over the bed near the end. I also had DH apply pressure to my thighs as they were really painful and it helped. The pain really wasn't half as bad as I expected. It was very much just like bad AF cramps (and in the same places).

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I had to have an emcs after 48 hour labour.

I struggled to use the birth ball due to the pressure once my waters were broken so I walked around and clung onto the sink with contractions! I reccommend practicing your breathing techniques as these really helped me and having your birthing partner rub the bottom of your back during the contractions.

I was dead set against an epidural however I changed my mind during the labour (it was long, I was tired and the pain was immense but this was due to baby's position and weight and me not progressing).

Definitely keep active and on your feet as much as you can to allow gravity to take effect but ultimately don't be too hard on yourself when you're in labour. I kept saying to my husband that I was "a failure" because I had an epidural and I didn't want one, but it was the best decision I made in the long run due to my own personal complications in labour. Keep an open mind and do what's best for you, either way, you'll be bringing life into the world and it will be amazing whatever you decide


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Walk, walk and walk. Or atleast be upright. Gravity really helps with moving things downward. You actually might be suprised that labor pain may not be that painful to you. I really didn't find that it hurt, it was intense for sure, but not in a bad way.

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I used gas & air, but had it not been an option I still wouldn't have gone for the epidural or IV drugs.

I think had it not been offered I would've spent the entire time in the shower. Water is amazing.

My biggest issue was keeping my breathing under control, so I'd look into that beforehand. I did a basic prenatal class but not a lot was covered in the way of coping with pain.

I also found it helpful to keep reminding myself that it wasn't going to last forever. That might seem silly but I had moments where I felt like it was never going to end.

Also, stay at home as long as possible.

Good luck! You'll do great.

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I used Natal Hypnotherapy and had a completely natural, drug-free and pain free labour and home birth. You don't say what courses you've done, but practice is now the key! If it's hypnotherapy of any variety, practice that, and on top of that if you're doing hypnobirthing practice your breathing. If it's a massage based thing you're doing, get your OH to practice on you/with you. Practice letting all of the tension and stress leave your body so that you can do it at will. It's not something that comes naturally to us humans now! That's the best I can give you. Oh, and avoid all negative stories There are plenty of positive people here, surround yourself with them!

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Practise different positions with your birthing partner now so they will know how to help you, it's more difficult trying to explain when you're already in pain! I had a pregnancy yoga DVD and it showed loads of good labour positions. My favourite was to be sat on the birthing ball while DH sat on the end of the bed. I leant forward into his lap while he put a lot of pressure on the bottom of my back. Also, don't panic when the pain starts, it makes it a lot more painful! Took me a few contractions to realise that!

I had no pain relief and it was really difficult but I put that down to being induced. Make sure you keep an open mind with labour, I was set on having a home birth so finding out I had to be induced was awful.

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