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How soon can you be released after an Epidural?

Just wondering whats the soonest you can be released after birth if you have an epidural?

Last time I had to stay in as had meconium in waters, but this time assuming all is healthy I really want to be out of there as soon as possible - just wondering if I cave and get the epidural will I have to stay in for 24 hrs?

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you have to keep the catheter in for 12 hours after so in theory you could be released after then - I had a epidural and he had meconium and they said to me it was a shame as if it had just be the epidural I could of left that evening


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Most places it's 24 hours.

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I could have left the next morning at checkout time, but they wanted to keep Evelyn for a full 48 hours, so hubby and I elected to stay with her.

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24 hours. My catheter was removed almost immediately after birth... I also had feeling in my legs within 3 hours (catheter was already out)and was up walking around after like 6 hours max. In Canada is 24 hours regardless of what medication you have...there's a test done on babies at the 24 hour mark and that's the only reason they keep you. Once you do that you go home

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In Spain you have to stay for 48 hours or until after first bowel movement so I can't comment on release. However after my epi I had an intermittent catheter and manual emptying of my bladder immediately, then I was told to call the nurses when I could feel my bladder full. They did the same again and then I was allowed up after a total of about 3 hours I think, so the next time I needed to pee I was on my own. I was certainly up and about at or soon after midnight after a 9pm birth.

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In the UK it's a minimum of 12 hours - only to ensure you have full movement before you leave xxx

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