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Toss up between the episiotomy or the forceps being shoved it til they reached my brain! lol. The contractions werent too bad nor was thrown pushing part. Just went all down from there when my little lady got stuck

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all of it really

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I had back to back labor with my first and second babies, which is hard. My husband helped me do an abdominal lift while I was in labor with my second and that hurt! But it got baby to move right down!

Getting to the hospital and having to lay still on the bed during a contraction while they monitor baby, that's a special kind of torture

The ring of fire was very intense, I was positive I was tearing, but baby was moving, so I just kept pushing. I didn't tear at all with my second.

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I had 2 epidurals with my first & felt both needles go in, I had to be cut to get LO out and I felt that even on G&A. I'm still suffering 8 years on with chronic back pain.

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