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Contractions hurt, pushing i didn't find as bad as i was actively doing something. Personally i thought the worst bit was going for a wee afterwards! I cried like a baby every time i had to 'go'!

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Eleanor ace
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Pushing, both times. And with DD the afterpains for the next 3 days were pretty horrible, some just felt like contractions and I didn't have any lovely gas and air to deal with them.

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Oh yeah. I forgot about the after pains...They weren't bad with DS but with DD, I had contractions every time I nursed til she was almost a week old. I'm terrified of what they'll be like this time as I've heard they get worse with each kid...Wincing already.

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Yes, after pains are no fun!! I can vouch for the fact that they DO get worse with each kid. I didn't have any pain relief during labor or delivery, but once the baby was out I asked for some! I had percocet for 3 days afterward to deal with them and allow me to breast feed without horrible contractions. They were never as bad as 'real' labor, but they certainly didn't feel nice.

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Oh God, the stitches. Yes, I agree that they bloody hurt!! I didn't think the local anaesthetic touched it either. It was the only time during the whole labour/birth experience that I swore! Also, and I'm not sure if they do this as a matter of course, but they stuck a tampon in me whilst they did the stitching and OMG, that hurt!

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Mrs HM
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I found the contractions unbearable towards the end. Pushing was a relief as it gave me something to focus on. When DD's head was crowning it stung a lot, but I was still more comfortable then than during transision!

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For me the contractions were more painful but the pushing was more exhausting.

Being stitched up was awful, the injections of anesthetic was the worst - youch!!!!

Also (this sounds ridiculous!) being wheeled in a wheel chair from the delivery room to the post natal ward was awful. Sitting on freshly done stitches - I would have been better walking!

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It's so strange for me, I had a natural birth huffing G&A and the pushing was the absolute worst pain. I don't understand now being through it people who say that pushing felt good. My son was back to back and came out back of the head first. They took my amazing gas because I wasn't pushing well with it! When I had to push I 'quit' my labour, had a freak out and demanded a c-sectio. The two midwives talked me through gently and then I just endured that pain and just got it done.

Ring of fire was bad but at least I knew it was almost over.

I actually tore up the front and I was so excited to hold the baby I hardly remember the pain from the moment but the needles to freeze me (including one right beside my clitoris)....THAT was worse than the ring of fire......but for me pushing was the WORST of it all. Ugh god!

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Old Jun 15th, 2014, 14:59 PM   29
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Honestly.....having local anesthetic injected in to my hoo-ha (which wasn't given enough time to work) then seeing the doctor do a braced face as she cut me. Oh god, it makes me cross my legs now and it was 7 months ago lol

or then again, i do remember trying to climb off the back of the bed as she put the forceps in. That was rather painful. Hmmmm, cant decide between the two! xxx

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Alyssa Drough
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Guess I was lucky I didn't feel the anaesthetic or the episiotomy. She topped up the anaesthetic for the stitches as well so that was fine.

Active labour was definitely painful, but it seemed easier to cope with when I knew I was 9cm dilated and there wasn't much longer to go.

Peeing for the week afterwards was horrible

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