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I was induced with pitocin, so I had to be on an IV. It was seriously one of the most annoying parts of labor! It was put in on the side of my wrist, it was really sore, and made it difficult for me to bend my hand. I've had IV's in the past though, and that one seemed the worse!

If I had the choice of putting the hep lock in or not, I'd probably still get it put in though. I'd rather not have it put in during a painful contraction or some other uncomfortable situation.

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Old Sep 23rd, 2016, 20:15 PM   12
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You may need to find an ObGyn practice where the doctors have a philosophy of low intervention. I'm also in Austin and the practice I'm going to for my current pregnancy says they wont give you an IV unless it's necessary and they only do intermittent fetal heart monitoring unless you are considered high risk. It's important that all the doctors in the practice prescribe to the same philosophy of low intervention, not just the Ob you choose to see. That's because when you go into labor, your doctor's not likely going to help you deliver, it'll be whatever doctor is on call so you should make sure they all will follow your wishes. I don't know how it works at other hospitals, but at my hospital, many Ob's of other practices deliver there but only the doctors from my practice will handle my delivery, so I feel safe that I wont get a doctor who will do unnecessary things like start an IV that is never used.

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I was induced and also had to have it put into my wrist because they're NEVER able to find a vein in my arm. It was incredibly irritating and I couldn't really bend my hand. They also didn't remove it for almost 12 hours after birth which made taking care of a newborn difficult. I plan on refusing induction this time unless absolutely medically necessary as well as that damn lock lol

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Old Oct 9th, 2016, 04:22 AM   14
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As an RN I would always want one in during labour. If you hemorrhage (which can happen very fast) and they don't have access already they may not be able to just put one in easily or quickly. And minutes can be precious in an emergency. Have you ever tried to put a saline lock in someone who essentially has bottomed out their blood pressure? Trust me is not as simple as it sounds.

I understand and do believe that labour is over-medicalized. It's natural and most times does not require intervention. However, it's a small poke that may save your life. If someone doesn't want one during labour that's up to them as every patient is ultimately in charge of their own care. As long as the risks are really truly understood.

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I personally think it's silly not to get it! Yes perhaps slight discomfort but in the case you need it, it is vital to have and have in a hurry! Ask them to put it in a convient location if possible, not your hand!

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