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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I just wanted to say thank you ladies, these are such wonderfully supportive posts. I opened the thread as I too am getting concerned about labour after having a rough time previously and all your comments were so lovely to read and have certainly helped me x

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Trust in the amazing power of your body. You can do it, frangi! Best of luck.

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Here is my birth story it might help enjoy it , look forward to it . I'd so love to do it all over again

Phew I have five mins well here is my experience of birth this time round . I know everyone has different ones but thought I'd share mine

As you all know I was NOT expecting a natural birth let alone one with no pain relief !!!
I was scheduled to have a c section on the Tuesday but little madam had other ideas , I had thought if I was to go myself I was taking every pain medication known to man that was legal like I did the last time .
Again this didn't go to plan .. But I am happy to say after going naturally my perception of labour has TOTALLY CHANGED. everyone speaks about it being scary, tough , painful , and it is all those things but it is also the most empowering , amazing , wonderful experience you will ever have . I actually would look forward to doing it again ( not going to happen ! )

Some of the things I learned about birth I didn't know before :
The pain of contractions are REALLY manageable if you go with them .... Ok the are PAINFUL but you get breaks where they totally go . At the begining they feel like " niggles " regular one like cramps or a spasam. You question yourself am I really feeling something so not bad lol.... Next they build to resemble a period pain exactly the same feeling of someone is twisting my insides !! Initally they started for me every 30 mins lasting fleeting seconds and built up to every 2-3 mins lasting 24-60 seconds . At thier height yes I couldn't talk through them and had to hold onto the wall until it passed but the magic thing about them is YOU GET BREAKS

Ok so the contraction itself has 3 phases .... The coming phase ( oh oh here is another one ) it starts off and builds in intensity till it reaches a peak then starts going again . So for a conraction that lasts 60 seconds its 20 seconds coming . 20 seconds at its peak and 20 seconds going ... So the really bad pain only lasts 20 seconds and I just kept in my head I can do anything for 20 seconds ... Then the wonderful thing a break !! Total break zero pain !! Now it is only for 2-3 mins at the end but its a break I concentrated on that , not the fact they were coming back again . So technically I went from break to break rather than contraction to contraction if that makes sense .

Then the amazing part !!! The urge to push ! Its just that an urge !!!! You have zero control over it . It just happens . And the other bit of magic is once you go with and push the pain of the contractions TOTALLY goes . It actually a feeling of pure relief .... Kinda like having a big sneeze ! Or TMI warning a poo after constipation lol..... It really feels quite nice in a weird way . And the groaning that happens isnt due to pain it is actually again something that just happens and gives emense relief . Feels like letting go the actual pushing the baby out is hard work , like the name says labour . The process of pushing as actually not painful until the head is crowning which is right near the end . Its more physically hard . As I said the pain of the contractions go with pushing so no pain but its sheer hard work !! Its like a workout you have to push when you feel you can't breath anymore !!!

Now when the head is coming out it hurts like hell !!!!!! Stinging , burning ouch but no going back then and hey at that point ye have done all the hard work ... Your near it being all over

So that is... My experience ... I have thought about it and think if I would have had the epidural I would have missed out on the sensations of wanting to push ,,, the natural relief that brings which is a weirdly very intense pleasurable experience ....... The pains are painful but short and focus of the " breaks " which are as regular as the contractions .

My top tips : have a cold towel / water spray for your face you get VERY hot and its sooo nice .

Don't be scared of the pain or the process, I'm guessing the more you fight it the haršer it is and COMCENTRATE on the breaks as they come quick and fast but most of all do what feels right for you if that means getting 7 epidurals then do it !!!!!

Can't wait to hear your experiences

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I love hearing your account of the birth - and so true too! Yes its hard, but its only hard for a minute at a time and its so empowering.

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