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4 days after my first because of a difficult labour/delivery and infection and 17 hours after my second, I wanted to get home ASAP and only lived a 5 minute walk from the hospital so didn't mind leaving.

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3 days after my first. I was desperate to get home but was told there was no option of leaving early.

With my second I found out that I COULD leave early so when I arrived at the hospital 8cm dilated I spent the whole time telling them I was leaving 2 hours after delivery.

There was a minor complication with the birth though and they said I had to stay in 12 hours so they could observe the baby but I feel as if they tricked me because they did not check on me or the baby once during that time.

I'm hoping that with this baby I'll be able to go home after 2 hours.

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6 hours after birth with my first, hopefully the same again this time

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I had my son lunchtime on Saturday and they finally let me go Monday afternoon - that is considered quick by Australian standards.

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3 days with my son, they wanted me to stay longer but I was desperate to go home, I'm hoping to stay as little as possible this time.

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Ds1-6nights as I had some complications after the birth..I should have stayed longer but I discharged myself.
Ds2-about 5 hours
Ds3 was born at home

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Originally Posted by Katevalentine View Post
I gave birth in a birth centre and I went home the same day, about 7 hours after the birth. I feel so guilty that I went home and didn't stay the night. Has anyone else gone home the same day?
Yes I did

I had my second baby 9 weeks ago. I gave birth at 1:44pm and went home 9pm that day. The ward was extremely full and I stayed in the room I gave birth in before being discharged. I had a natural birth in the natural birth centre.

I actually felt good going home straight away as I've never slept a night away from my 4 year old x

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Oh I assumed with subsequent babies your sent home sooner. My first I went into hospital Thursday, he was born Saturday and I left hospital Monday afternoon! They were actually saying I could stay longer if I didn't feel ready to go lol. I didn't sleep a wink and the ward was too noisy so I was pleased to leave. I did have a long, induced labour with the epidural.

Our Hospital says if you have a uncomplicated, natural birth at the birth centre your likely to be discharged 6 hours later x

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DS I had him 10.30pm and then went home 5pm the following day

DD I had her 7.42pm left the hospital 11.30pm same day

I have to say it was so much nicer to be home that it was staying in the hospital

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maybe I'm just a weirdo ... Or maybe the private set up we have where I live makes the difference... But I enjoy a few nights at the hospital. The nurses pretty much leave you alone after the first few hours and it's nice not to have to worry about anything but focusing on resting and admiring the new baby. And also having the support of people who are fully rested is a huge plus!

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