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3rd baby, stop start labour....driving me crazy!!

I am 41 weeks today, so a week overdue. Had a sweep tues, which led to a few random mild contractions and a bit of mucus plug lost. Had second sweep yesterday, was a good 3cm dilated, cervix 1cm thick and had come forward from first sweep - lost mucus plug all day yesterday and had more contractions, mostly mild with the odd stronger one thrown in every now and again. Nothing over night last night and not a great deal today either.........anyone else had this?! Driving me crazy!

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I'm dealing with the same thing. 3rd baby and on and off contractions
For 3 weeks. I'm 39+5. Today I've had them since 10:30 this morning and still
Haven't stopped. Never had this with my first 2.

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My midwife said for a third baby this is common, I hope not as with my second I was on and off contracting for a week or 2 and it was really frustrating. She was 12 days late in the end and came just before I was suppose to be induced. I'm not not due until tomorrow and have been having the same on and off strong braxton hicks for a week now. I really hope this one isn't going to be so overdue! My first was only 3 days overdue so fx xx

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Sorry to say my third was late (induction booked for 2 days away) and was on off for ever! She had her hand by her face which was blocking her. The only way i actually progressed past 4 cm was by the midwives breaking my waters. Then everything went quick. Midwives say the third is the wild card lol. Hopefully not for you ladies!

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