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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I know there is a section for csection but wasn't sure if this would go there.
Anyways. I had a emergency csection with dd and with my twins I had a scheduled csection. Went in to labor with them 2 days before that but still had a csection.
When I asked my obgyn about if I would have to have a 3rd csection this time around he said yes it is reccomended after 2 cs that you not have a vaginal birth.

I'm starting to just wonder about a vbac. I feel like this is my last baby I don't want to feel like I'm missing out on something (if that makes sense)

Has anyone had a vbac after 2 previous cs?

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Not sure if you posted elsewhere and got an answer. Are you in the states? I guess there they really jump to operations and don't have much regard for the woman's wishes in terms of labour and birth.

I have never had a vaginal birth - only two c-sections! But hoping for a VBAC2... though also open to c-section if baby doesn't come soon or if complications arise. I *do* feel like I'll be missing out on something if I have to have a third section (I did labour with baby #2 for a few hours but still had to have the section). However, things could be worse and 3 c-sections. Also this is likely our last baby.

If you're really keen to try for a vbac then educate yourself about it (pros and cons), and talk to a different doctor (or a few of them). There are risks but in general they are quite low. It probably depends on the hospital... how equipped they are to closely monitor you and how quickly they can get you in the theatre if something does turn for the worse (uterine rupture, etc.). Generally though, it is not recommended to induce you (with hormones -- but mechanical ok) if you've had sections before. Good luck - hope you find some support in the medical profession there!

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I had 2 c-sections. Now pregnant with my 3rd.

It's been crazy yes/no/don't know to what to do this time around.

1st I thought about vba2c. Decided I want to labour. My first ob said straight away, that now it's possible not to go for another c-section, and was very pro labour.

Then I changed ob (due to location). She is supposed to be one of the best gynecologist around. She STRONGLY advised me agains vbac and said c-section at 37-38 weeks would be my best choice.
After a long thinking, I agreed and she actually reccomended me the best person to have c-section with. And gave a refferal (she, herself, doesn't deliver babies).
So, here I went to this 3rd lady.

And, guess what? She said c-section at 40weeks. If I go in labour naturally until then, then she will see how the labour progresses, I will be monitored, no induction, as natural labour as possible, and hope that all will go well. If there is any problem, as I'll be in the hospital, I'll have an emergency c-section.
So now I'm just hoping baby comes around 38 weeks and all will be fine.

On my question, what about uterine rupture? She said - it can happen with anyone in labour.

So, no advice really. Do what you think is good for you.
And good luck!

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