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Originally Posted by tommyg View Post
Tasha, I'm guessing that I am forgetting that their could be a risk to baby going over my date. Sorry about what happened to Honey, hugs xx. I was in the "won't happen to me camp".

I have yet to hear of anybody having a good induction story. I've heard long painful labours involving epidural's, forceps, emergency sections, and the opposite end of the scale baby almost being delivered in a bathroom, midwives opened the door and go mum onto a bed with the head already out - not even a curtain for privacy.

But I guess any delivery is a success as long as you both go home and make full recovery at the end of it.
Here's your positive induction story 😊
I was induced on my due date due to gestational hypertension. I had a sweep done early afternoon as i was already 2cm dialated and fully effaced. Then around 7:30pm they broke my waters. Around 8pm, started the oxytocin. Hubby and I were watching Guardians of the Galaxy, got about halfway through the movie when i turned it off because my contractions were getting stronger. I laboured without pain relief until about 10pm, which is when I started pushing. Took an hour to push him out, but thats normal for a first birth from what i hear. I only had a very minor grade 1 tear, didn't require any stitches. My boy was very healthy, and we went home 12 hours later once my blood pressure had returned to normal and the hypertension had resolved.

Not all inductions go wrong. Personally, though I'd love to go into labour on my own this time, I won't refuse it if its deemed necessary. I also wont refuse it if they offer due to going over my due date. I know a lady who was over her due date, and the baby died the day before her induction. Also, my mother was induced with all four of us, as she just didn't go into labour on her own. Not sure with my brothers, but i was born with very little water left in the sack, none of that white creamy stuff was left on my skin and i was very pink and wrinkled - mum said I looked over cooked lol. All things which can happen at any time i know, but i personally wouldn't risk it, as i really dont think induction is all bad.
But each to their own. Best of luck with all your births 😊

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I was induced due to GD and also had a great experience. Pessary inserted and I hung around the hospital for 24 hrs on the ward, snoozing, wandering around, taking walks around the grounds, eating and so on. Next day they checked and were able to break my waters. 4 and a half hrs later I asked for gas n air as the contractions were getting really strong and about 10 mins later I told the midwife I needed to push, I was still upright and pacing round the bed at this point, no wires or forced bed bound or anything.

She checked and I was fully dilated so I was moved to the delivery room, 3 pushes later I had my beautiful 8lb 11oz little angel in my arms.

I found the pain to actually be less than I expected, I thought I'd be screaming the place down in agony but other than the last 10-15 mins when I had a little gas n air I had no pain relief and was able to just walk through the contractions.

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