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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Having waters broken over induction-is this a stretch and sweep?

My consultant wants to attempt to break my waters if my cervix allows it over induction! I have never heard of that before and wondered if its the stretch and sweep. They will attempt the procudure at 38 weeks.

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Very different to a sweep. Once your water are broken, you're on a clock to give birth. If it doesn't happen, they'll have to try other methods of induction and if those don't work, you might need a section. That's not to say that breaking your waters won't induce contractions but if it doesn't, you no longer have the option to wait and see.

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Mrs. MB
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I had a sweep at 40 weeks and it triggered my water breaking several hours later. I gave birth about six hours later. Amygdala is right, once your water breaks you have no choice, you're on IV in the hospital due to risk of infection. If contractions don't start on their own they will likely give you Pitocin to jump start labor. My doc was willing to give me about 3-4 hours before starting meds. I gave birth before the time was up

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No- a sweep is where they insert their fingers into your cervix and sweep it around your membranes and then stretch your cervix slightly by opening and closing their fingers.

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Hi, usually the induction process goes;

-stretch & sweep (1-3 before induction date)
-pressary/ tablet/ gel (can be several rounds)
-ARM (break your waters)
-syntocinon/ pitocin (hormone drip)

Any of these steps can be missed out depending on what your cervix/ contractions are doing and if there's time to 'wait & see'

It's more than likely you will be favourable for an ARM (be dilated enough, at least 1cm) it just depends if you want to start of that way.

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