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How many episiotomies?

Hi ladies,
I had an episiotomy when I had my son then went on to have two refashioning operations due to complications with the original episiotomy then with the first refashioning op. Does anyone know if I would have to have another episiotomy I have quite a bit of scar tissue and after the last op I was told I may have to have a c-section if I wanted more children? Does anyone have any more insight they can give me as I'm currently ttc and I'm getting more and more nervous thinking about it. X

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Sorry I don't really know but I had an episiotomy with my son and it was stitched up all wrong left with with 2 tags which were very uncomfortable but as I knew we were going to try again with a small age gap I left it - with my daughter I didn't need one but I did have a 2nd degree internal tear

I have recently had an operation to fix the episiotomy issue as I am done having babies - it is still healing but my Dr also said about there being a lot of scar tissue due to the ops

Maybe speak to your GP about it?

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I had an episiotomy with my first and it didn't cause any issues giving birth to my second (but I did tear). In your case I don't know how it would work with you having more scar tissue. You could always discuss with a midwife once you are pregnant x

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I had an episiotomy with my first, not even a tear with my second and a very superficial grade 1 tear with my third. My 2nd and 3rd were very quick too so the likelihood of tearing was much higher.

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I've had two - one for each baby. Nearly had to have a refashioning too after the second but on the day of the operation they decided it had healed as best it would and a refashioning would just create more scar tissue.

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I had one with my first, the next two I had second degree tears. But my labors happen way quick so I think it's expected.

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