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Type 1/2 diabetic birth experiences

Looking for anyone who has gone through birth, I'm type 2 diabetic for abut 8 years so when DS was born it wasnt an issue

I just wondered what the normal was I'm consultant led and have all the appointments booked and have been told I wont go past 38 weeks, an induction dosent bother me as I was with my DS.

Its more what happens after, I have been told I wont be going home straight away, I discharged myself after 12 hours with DS as there was no issues and in truth my nan was making a roast dinner and I didnt want to miss out

I will ask my the midwives next appointment but just wondered if any of you lovely ladies would share what happened I assume they will monitor mine and babies blood sugars and make major adjustments to my insulin as I am having to increase the rapid and long lasting pretty much on a weekly basis (this is of course done under the diabetic teams advice not just me making it up) but I assume it will reduce? and they will need to find a good level for me to take?

Anything else that I should expect to happen?

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I am type 2 but not on insulin so i can't help you there. I had been told that i would be induced at around 37 to 38 weeks but my sugar levels were good so i was booked for an induction at 39 weeks. However i had a growth scan at 38 weeks and they said the fluid around baby was low so they brought it forward and lo was born at 38+3. He was born at 18.25 on the saturday so they said i had to stay in overnight, but should get home on the sunday. Unfortunately lo wasn't feeding well as he had a tongue tie so we ended up not getting out until the monday. I don't remember them checking my sugar levels after lo was born but they did check his a couple of times.

Hope that helps x

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