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Massage during pregnancy

Hi, I am five months pregnant with my second baby. My first delivery was a normal one, and I want my second one to be also like that. I am really scared about the delivery because the first one was really painful. I know that all ladies have to go through this process, but I cannot withstand the pain. I have heard about pregnancy physiotherapy from a friend of mine in Toronto. She had this treatment from Physiomobility - Don Mills at Toronto, and she told that it really worked in reducing the pain. What is your opinion? Thanks in advance.

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Yes! People are telling me prenatal massage helps a lot! Thanks for sharing!

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I can only imagine how a birth without pain meds would be. Maybe go in with an open mind and if the pain is too bad, get an epidural? I loved my birth and was easy, I could feel with to push, birthed in 3 different positions, and baby nursed seconds after popping out. The epidural was a million times easier than getting an IV.

Good luck. I hope you get the birth you want.

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You should start with yoga as it is very important to be active for a healthy pregnancy, also I have heard about physiotherapy working really well for pregnancy too. You should try that, I am sure it will help to ease up the process. It is really important to take utmost care during pregnancy right from the first day to the day you give birth to your beautiful child. I faced a lot of issue during pregnancy as I was underweight and had to go through a lot to keep myself and the baby healthy. The doctor during one of the recent check-ups indicated that the baby has anaemia and asked if I had opted for stemcell banking which could have helped in this situation. But sadly, I haven’t as I didn’t have enough knowledge about it. I would suggest you to consider storing your baby’s cord blood on delivery, it secures your child’s future by treating any illnesses that he/she may have. On my advice my friend opted for it with Cordlife India.

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