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Vaginal prolapse?

Have you ladies had to deal with this? Did you do kegels before and after birth? Were you pushing for too long? Did baby sit low in later pregnancy, pushing everything down? Did it eventually heal? If so, did it resurface in later pregnancies/births?

I am pregnant with my 2nd and I had a prolapse after the birth of my first. I did kegels throughout my pregnancy, pushed for about 45 min and got an episiotomy. I only gained 20lbs in pregnancy but my baby sat low and constantly pressed hard on my bladder. A few weeks after birth, I noticed a bulge coming out of my vagina (TMI sorry!). It eventually went away and 5 years later, lady bits are totally fine. However, I worry that this 2nd birth/pregnancy will do worse damage to my pelvic floor.

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I'm sorry I don't have any tips on pregnancy after prolapse other than I've been told it can go either way.. However I had a vaginal and rectal prolapse after my last pregnancy, not my first... baby sat very low and pushed down frequently, I felt as though he would fall out! I don't think I pushed too long, not sure though as I did it without pain relief and time was surreal.. but my midwife just said do my kegals :/

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I've already spoken to my midwife about a referral to a urogenital physiotherapist to help with recovery from my second birth since I experienced a difficult pelvic floor recovery then developed vaginal and a little rectal prolapse with this pregnancy. Lil boy has been sitting low from the beginning, probably because of my weakened pelvic floor.
I can't stomach feeling the bulge when trying to do perineal stretching. I hope I don't get more damage from this delivery. Momma Strong website also has some good pelvic floor strengthening exercises beyond doing Kegels (which didn't seem to have any effect for me the first pregnancy).

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Hi there, i read your thread and i too had a vaginal prolapse as my cervix was hanging out of my vagina after i gave birth to my 4th child, and a year later i had a Dilatation and curettage as i also suffered from a miscarriage and also i had the prolapse too and my husband and i werent using contraceptives and we were sexually active again 6months after i gave birth to our child, and also we didnt knw that i was pregnant again. so the gynae and obstetrician gave me a curettage and stitched me to hold up my reproductive organs, and so i wouldnt bleed anymore as i nearly bleed to death. im prolapsing again and no one is sure what is causing it to happen again, and i had a pregnancy tests and negative. and the strangests thing is that im having pregnancy signs and symptoms and my breasts are leaking of milk and the drs dont know why that is happening to me, and i am sure that something maternal is happening inside me and with the prolapse too. i went to an appointment where the gynae/ob tried to find a fitting pessary that holds the cervix up and prevents the rectum and bladder from caving into the vagina and the cervix from hanging out. there is hope to have another baby and ask your GP about the vaginal pessaries and still do the Pelvic exercises as that can prevent leakage from the urethra. all the bests for the next pregnancy. also there is an inflatable pessary that fits all sizes and you maybe able to have that fitted, as you can put it in yourself and inflate it and take it out and reclean it and reuse it before sex and after sex.

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Thanks for sharing.

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