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My nan had 9 at home before due dates and 3 after in hospital. My mum had 3 inductions at 41 weeks and one after due date but natural labour. I had one at 40+3 then the other at 38+3 so guess it's a mix up in my family

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Well I had 3 all early....this ones not lol tradition broke..

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i have no idea but i do know my mom had placenta problems with me and i have them.

She had placenta abruption with me and I have: #1) Placenta abruption, #2) placenta previa with twin loss, #3) then hole in the placenta.

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My mom had two kids - me and my younger brother, both of us were overdue and my mom had horrible labors with many complications. We were both almost 8lbs

I've had four kids. 3 of my kids were born early - one at 38 weeks, two at 39 weeks. My other baby was overdue. I was induced with 3 of my kids (not the one born at 38 weeks). My two boys were both in the 6lb range while my daughters were 7 & 8 lbs. My labors were mostly uncomplicated and I recovered fairly quickly, which is the opposite of my mom's experiences.

There was one similarity between myself and my grandmother, though. When she had my mom (her second), she was in labor days before she went into active labor. With my youngest, I was in early labor for almost 6 days before going into active labor.

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It isn't true for my family, my sister was induced 3 out of 4 times a couple of weeks early due to GD, her 4th she went a couple of weeks early naturally, my mum had 6 vaginal births, only 1 induced and 1 csection (I only know I was early by 3 days and my youngest brother early by 4 days lol), my younger sister went naturally I think she was overdue.

All 3 of mine have been born at 40+5, I was induced with my first but my other 2 were natural. I'm 90% sure this one will be born at 40+5 too

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My mom went over her due date every time (8 total). All of my babies have been early though (between 29 weeks - 38 weeks).

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My mom and grandma both had their babies late, a couple of days past the 40 week mark.

I had my DS1 10 days early and DS2 12 days early.

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Not true for us. My grandmother had 2 babies full term or over with really long labours, and one a few weeks early in the bath! My mum had me at 36 weeks 6 hours start to finish, 6lbs 15oz, my sister at 38 weeks 18 hour labour 8lbs 5oz, and my brother at 37 weeks induced due to GD taking 3 days to arrive, 7lbs 11oz. I had my son at 32 weeks after almost 2 day labour but only 6 mins after ROM pushing, hoping to make it further this time but have a shorter lead up to birth lol. Completely different here.

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Me and my mum seem to be very similar. Babies all born near enough on due dates and pretty easy and quick labours expecially after the 1st. Also had pretty easy times breastfeeding and straightforward pregnancies too. Not sure about my nan on my mums side, aren't close enough to discuss. My nan on my dads side had my dad very preterm but I'm not sure about her next two births.

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50/50 here my mum went overdue with me & my siblings and had all vaginal births - I went overdue with both of mine and had vaginal births BUT my sisters one went early and emergency c section and the other was overdue and ended up with emergency c section too

We ALL suffered with morning sickness though my Mum, Sister & Me with HG my other sister got off lightly

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