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Birth trends in families

I have heard that birth trends tend to run in families. So if your grandma, mom, aunt, etc. went over their due dates then you are more likely too as well. I'm just curious if any of you have these types of patterns in your families or if it is different for each person? Both my mother and oh's mother went over their due dates and are convinced I will be too. I'm just curious to hear from some actual people if there has been any merit to this. I don't want the baby to come until he is ready but plan to induce at 41 weeks if he isn't here on his own.

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Eleanor ace
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It rang true for me . My mum, grandma, aunts all needed to be induced. My mum gave birth 4 times, I was the only girl and the only one who didn't require forceful eviction . My first was induced (boy, born at 42 weeks), 2nd came spontaneously at 41 weeks. 3rd was induced but not for being post dates so I wonder whether she'd have come on her own if she'd had longer (she was born at 40+5).
My family all seem to have their first babies as their heaviest and that was the case for me too.

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My family has an extensive history of preterm babies. Even my cousin and sister had preterm babies. My ds had to be induced. No idea what's so different with me but it was definitely not true. But it seems to be for everyone else.

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Old Sep 26th, 2016, 04:46 AM   4
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Myself and my cousin both gave birth really quickly, me 5 mins and her 12 and 7 mins... ( that was established labour starting to birth)

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My first pregnancy mirrored my mother's first (with me) pretty well. We both went to almost 43 weeks (based off my original due date), were induced, had an epidural, and had long labors that resulted in a complication. We also had easy pregnancies with no morning sickness. And we both had girls

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Mine is similar to my moms well she didn't go as late as I did. She had problems getting pregnant the first time as well, She did get pregnant naturally though. But we both had long labors, ended up with sections due to head size and baby being turned a bit and not progressing. Hopefully we follow the same trend, she had two successful vbacs in later pregnancies and got pregnant fast.

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No one in my family (my two sisters and my mum) has ever got to 40 weeks with a pregnancy.
I have two older sisters, each with three kids who were born between 34-39w, my Mum had me at 39 weeks and my DS was born at 37+4.

However, both my mum and sister had long and difficult first labours ending in C-section/forceps deliveries. My first was quite fast (12 hours from first contraction) and straightforward.

Hoping my current pregnancy will be at least as long as my first...I worry about it being earlier

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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 12:46 PM   8
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It is so mixed in my family. Some have given birth early, on time, late, been induced etc. I don't think that there is any pattern to the births in my family. Even with my own children the first was early and the second was late!

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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 13:44 PM   9
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Not true here. I was born 8 days early after 12 hour labor. Dd was induced and born after 25 hours of labor! She was born 6 days early, but through no choosing of her own. My brother was a day late. I don't think anyone in my family has been induced, but my bp was crazy high.

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Not entirely true for me! I was the only baby in the family born before due date (39weeks) and the only one below 8lbs (was 6lbs) however both my kids have been over 8lbs and overdue. These twins will be an exception to the rule. As i wont be going over 37-38 weeks and im convinced they'll both be less than 8lbs each

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