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Short first labor.. what about 2nd??

I had a very short labor with my first, about 3 and a half hours. My waters broke at home, contractons started on the way to the hospital. They started out at about 1 minute apart then after that they had no rythem it was just one contraction after the other. Even the midwife told me it was like my contractions were on steroids. I keep getting told that labor is shorter the second time around and I'm worried that i wont get to hospital on time! Anyone have an experiance with a short first labor ? And what was the 2nd one like??? Thanks.

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Well my first wasn't short exactly, it was about 12 hours start to finish, but my second was half that, 6 hours.. I'm afraid that my next will be 3

But my aunt had 3 kids, the second she barely made it to the hospital so they told her that the 3rd would be way too fast and they had her stay in a hotel right by the hospital at the end of her pregnancy... well, that ended up being her longest labor, lasted like 16 hours with pitocin. So really you never know. I'd say as soon as you feel anything go to the hospital, even if you sit in the parking lot and it's a false alarm, at least you will be there. Maybe see if, because your last labor was so short, if they will admit you right away just in case?

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My first was approx 7hrs and my second was approx 2 and a half hours.

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Well, my first ended up being an unplanned home birth so the midwives asked me to plan a home birth for the next one! Certainly the rule of labours getting shorter does follow in my family. I've told hubby I'm buying him a catchers mitt for the next one! Lol.

Is a homebirth something you'd consider?

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I'm also interested in this. My first labour was actually 12 hours from waters breaking but when I got to 3cms it really ramped up and so active labour was only 4 hours and I went from 3cms-fully dilated in 2 hours, the contractions were basically constant. It then took me nearly 2 hours to push!

I don't want to go to hospital as soon as my waters break or anything but equally don't want to leave it too late as now have my DS to consider. Seems like about half the time of the first is typical unless there is some other issue going on with the baby.

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My first was 2hr 10min

2nd 55mins

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1st: 4.5 hours
2nd: 2.5 hours
3rd: 45 minutes

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My first was 4 hours and I was worried about this with my second. We only live 20 minutes from the hospital but were relying on child care and a lift so I knew it would be closer to 45 minutes for us to get there. As soon as I had a couple of contractions I ran a bath (I'd heard this will either bring them on or stop them) and once I knew it was real labour I phoned the hospital and she said to go straight in so in effect I didn't really hang around at home. We got to hospital at 3-15 and baby was born at 4 so it wasn't too close in the end. Just don't take any chances, with my second I was a bit more certain that I knew he was coming where as with my first I was waiting for the midwife to say I should go in etc

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My labours have been pretty quick, first was 6 hours (including 3 hours pushing).

2nd labour was 3 hours but for a lot of it I wasn't sure if it was Braxton Hicks. Suddenly ramped up to constant contractions and I only just made it - they spotted me struggling up the corridor, brought me a wheelchair, straight to delivery room and I gave birth 17 minutes later.

This time I'm worried it will be quicker. I'm only 10 min drive from hospital so should be ok but I'm going to be on edge every time I get Braxton Hicks. I can't consider home birth as I'm high risk due to being on blood thinners, so fingers crossed I make it in time!

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My waters have always broke 1st with all 3 of my previous labours, so I'm never sure if I'm in slow labour or what hmm

Anyway my 1st my waters broke in the night about 2am, he was born at half 10am.

2nd waters broke in the day at 11 am, had him about 3 hours later.

My last one my waters broke again in the night about half 2... didn't have any contractions then the midwife just checked me as I laboured quick the time before and I was 4cm... within minutes I needed to push it was crazy! So they timed her labour as from when my waters broke to birth at about an hour but from 4 cms to birth was so quick I'm so worried about this next one ha ha

I'm currently 37+2 and I'm bricking it! I always go 2 weeks early too x

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