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Ive never had one. Or pain relief
I hope not too again.

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I guess I'll go against the grain here....

I had an epidural and loved it! When we have #2, I'm definitely getting it again.

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I have a lot of respect for anyone who can give birth without an epidural. I thought I had a high pain tolerance until I was 5cm dilated and almost passing out from the pain. I honestly don't know how women do it. Unfortunately there were periods when the epidural only worked on half my body, although that was enough to get me through the pain. It also slowed down my labor significantly. I didn't have any pain during the pushing phase which lasted about 40 minutes even though i had a 2nd degree tear.

This time around I will get the epidural again simply because I don't think I would make it without the pain relief. If you're able to do it without the epidural then great, but don't give yourself a hard time if you need it.

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I've had one of each.
My first, I had an epidural. She was a little over 6lbs.
My 2nd, I had a natural birth. He was just under 5lbs.
I much preferred my natural delivery, even though it hurt like hell. I bounced back quicker and felt more involved in my delivery.
With my epidural (intrathecal) I was able to nap and rest but I was absolutely deadened and had no urge to push. I had to be coached through the entire process and it just felt off.
This time, I really want to go naturally but I know he will definitely be bigger than 5lbs as I'm on progesterone injections. I'm scared it's going to be so much more intense. So I'm going in with an open mind and if I need it, I'm getting it.
I think it's totally a personal preference and if anyone shames anyone else for getting one, punch them in the face because labor and delivery and motherhood is hard no matter what.

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Just did it this morning for the second time with no epidural. It was intense but worth it. She was a little bigger than my son and the labor lasted around the same length, 5 hours. It was crazy, fast, intense, and now it's all over with.
All in all it was amazing, I'd do it again.

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I had an epidural with my first and I will be trying really hard not to have one with my second. I was in labour for nearly three days with my first so I had it more so I could rest than for the pain relief. Don't get me wrong, I was in extreme pain but I could manage, I just desperately needed sleep. I don't want one because of the risk of interventions that come with getting one. My first epidural was done very well, I didn't have any pain but I still had feeling, could get up and move around (with help) and could feel contractions and when to push. I really wouldn't have liked it if I was totally numb.

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Old Nov 1st, 2016, 16:17 PM   17
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I had a mobile epi with my first and nothing with my second. I used a tens machine and it really really worked for me. Give it some thought as it may work well for you.

I intend to go in with tens only again this time and hope for the best, with my second I didn't push for long but I think that's because I was well and truly ready, sometimes they get you to push a bit to earlier and it can hurt more or be more exhaustive.

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i had an epidural with my first when my induction went wrong and i ended up with a c-section. I was determined to have a VBAC without an epidural for my second and I ended up getting an epidural again as I was in labour for days and had to be augmented and it was necessary that I got some rest. I ended up with a forceps delivery VBAC and a third degree tear and an episiotomy - so, yes, I am glad I got the epidural! I have felt enough of labour and delivery to know what it feels like and not be precious about it. We are planning on having a third and the first thing I will be doing upon getting to the hospital is requesting an epidural!

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I think going with the flow is good in this situation. With my first I was induced and had an epidural. My next two I didn't have one. With our third we were actually at a hospital that made you choose ahead of time so they can make you watch a video and sign stuff before hand.. We didn't get there early enough for that so I said I just wanted the gas and air option. Which they apparently kept forgetting about because I never got any. But whatever.. It's about you and your baby and what's best for you. We are all so different and every labor is different

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My epidural failed with my first and I've been told that that's like btw what will happen again. I essentially gave birth on my own with DS as a result so will probably go without this time around.

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