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Had water birth with my first and wanted one with my second too. But I had to be induced this time so made the decision to have an epidural because I couldn't have water and had to be monitored on the bed. The epidural was amazing.

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I was adamant I didn't want one with my first, the thought of having one made me feel a little queasy! However my labour started with my waters breaking and was hard and fast from then on! I was convinced I'd be close to fully dilated when I arrived at the hospital as it was so sore I was throwing up from the pain! I asked the mw to examine me and I was only 1.5cm! I knew then that I couldn't take it for however long it took me to get to fully dilated and had an epidural straight away. It was great for pain relief but I hated everything else that same with it, the drip and the catheter. So this time I plan to go without, like others have said I hope I'm more prepared for the pain this time, I think I was a little naive last time! However if I feel the need to have one I will. I find these decisions are best made at the time as you never know how you will feel until it's actually happening.

Sarah xxx

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