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Hi everyone.

I'm currently 15w2d with my second baby. First DD is 3.5 now and her labour/birth was pretty awful - 36+ hour labour, stalled at about 6cm, Pitocin, epidural, forceps, literally a hair's breadth away from a C-section.

Would dearly love a better experience this time, I know you can't predict these things but would like to give hypnobirthing a try. I'm not usually into the whole hypno- stuff but my boss's wife had both hers with this method and said it was amazing. I just want a calm, tranquil experience this time rather than the panicked, exhausting feeling I felt throughout the last time.

Any success stories you'd care to share? Advice/tips? I'm looking at a local hypnobirthing advisor/lesson but it's not cheap!

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I didn't use "hypnobirthing" per se as that is a particular brand of hypnotherapy for birth preparation, but I did use natal hypnotherapy. It was wonderful. You can read my birth story in the link in my signature if you like.

I used it with my first and had a home birth. It was lovely. I felt very relaxed almost all the time, except maybe during transition, which was intense, but not especially painful. The only pain relief I needed was a TENS machine, which I put on from very early (strong period like cramps). I was actually so relaxed that the midwives came to check on me after I called to say I was in labour and almost left and went back to the hospital because they didn't really think I was in labour! One of them sat down next to me and watched me for a few minutes and asked to feel my bump so she could tell when I was having contractions, then realised they were actually really close together. She asked to examine me (which I had requested they not do, but I said fine) and I was 10cm, just quiet, relaxed, rocking on my birth ball. I had a lengthy 2nd stage (4 hours of pushing) because my daughter was back to back, and though that was intense, none of it, other than the vaginal exam and the stitches after was that painful. So I think it definitely worked. I plan to use it again the 2nd time around as well as we'd like to have another home birth.

I think go for it. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can teach yourself. I bought the natal hypnotherapy birth prep CD for 12. There are classes, but the classes don't teach you anything you can't read in a book or learn through practice. The key really is to practice regularly. I laid down in bed and listened to the birth preparation CD (which is about 45 minutes long) 3-4 times a week from early in 3rd tri.

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It didn't work whatsoever for me. I didn't even try to use it as I was induced due to reduced movement. I ended up with an emergency section anyway but it didn't help with labour. I got the course free on the nhs and practiced it every night.

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Natal hypnotherapy was what I used and I really liked!

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I did Hypnobirthing with my son. Started private classes at 33 weeks (a bit late). It definitely helped me even with my nerves approaching my due date. I was induced at 39+5 due to unexplained bleeding. I truly believe that the hypnobirthing techniques was the only thing that kept me from an emergency section. I was able to progress quickly and stay calm, even when my son had deceleration. It was the best 300 I ever spent.

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What are are you in? Here in Suffolk they now offer the hypnobirthing course for free. The cours is exactly the same as the one that used to charge 250 so check if free in your area. Ive used it for all my births x

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HypnoBirthing is a complete birth education programme, that teaches simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth.

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Worked amazingly well for me! I had PTSD after the birth of my daughter so wanted to do everything and anything I could to make this birth a better experience. I got the books by Katharine Graves and Sophie Fletcher and even just using some of the techniques made a huge difference. I was still induced due to waters going, no contractions and GBS but the hypnobirthong techniques helped me have an empowered experience, helped me feel in control and not terrified. The breathing techniques worked really well for me up to a point but I did have pain relief as well. Even when the breathing wasn't helping with the pain though it still helped me remain calm and not panicked.
I would say give it a go, if it doesn't work you've not lost anything but I'm sure there are even some ideas you can take from it. Good luck!

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