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Vaginal Birth after C-Section

Hello ladies. I'd like to listen to your experiences with VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section).. I'll tell you a little bit about my previous deliveries:

My first child was born naturally.

My second child was born via C-section because she remained high in the pelvis as I was told by my ob/gyn though I was dilating and having severe natural contractions.

Now this is my third pregnancy and my new ob/gyn assured me that I could deliver naturally and he's ready to perform VBAC.

I'm concerned because this pregnancy was not planned and it happened only after 7 months from having my C-section, which means that the gap between my two deliveries would only be 15 months.

Any similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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It's definitely possible. As long as your doctor wants to do it then I would really advise to go for it. My first one was c-section and the second VBAC. ... A little less than 14 months after the c-section. I wasn't scared because they were monitoring me all through the labor. Thankfully everything went very well and it took about five minutes and a few pushes and she was born. MUCH better than c-section!

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Thanks, momof2tobe. Nice to read of a straightforward VBAC.

MomNatasha: I think as long as your doctor is on board, you shouldn't worry. Plus, it's nice that you've been through a standard birth before and know both what you're in for and that your body can handle it without issues. Yes, that timing is shorter than my doc recommended (by about a month), but as long as you're monitored, you'll be fine!

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