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Home birth for #2?

Hi! I am not pg yet but I am trying to do a bit of forward planning!

With my daughter (3) I had PPROM at 35+5 and was therefore monitored and induced at hospital and we both had to stay in for 72 hours as she had precautionary antibiotics, luckily we were both fine!

As dh and I are ttc again, I just wanted to know if anybody could tell me if I would be able to have a more natural birth this time around either at home or in a birthing centre? I really don't like the idea of having to be on a constant monitor during labour again and not being able to move around for 9 hours!!

but obviously what will be will be and all that matters is the safety of baby and me!!


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Assuming all goes well and you make it to 37 weeks, definitely. I had a home birth with my first and it was lovely. In the UK, home birth is broadly supported, even if you are higher risk or you had a difficult first birth. You might end up having shared consultant and midwife led care if the think there is a need, but that doesn't mean you can't still opt for home birth with your midwife and they have to support you. Many areas are increasingly having home birth teams that only do home births, come to your home for all your appointments, offering birth pool hire, etc. You may also have a home birth group in your area, usually affiliated with the hospital, so it's worth asking at your booking appointment what's in your local area.

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As mind utopia said, there's no reason not to plan for a homebirth. if you have PPROM again or another complication arises then you'd simply just revert back to hospital. IMO its easier to plan fir a homebirth and change your mind to hospital than the reverse.

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