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I agree, I needed to experience natural childbirth at least once and achieved that with ds2. Ds1 I had an epidural and my experience was fine, tore and could have used 1 stitch as well but like the pp, didn't bother and it healed. Tore in exactly the same place with ds2, tiny tiny tear that only hurt a little when I had to pee afterward. But my epidural experience was fine, they gave me a narcotic painkiller before the epidural so I felt very drugged, and at one point during pushing my son's oxygen level started dipping so I had to wear an oxygen mask.. I didn't feel that immediate urge to hold my baby afterwards and i wanted that experience.. it was just very detatched I suppose. But with that labor I couldn't have done it without the epidural, I was in so much intense pain by 4cm that I was blacking out.

The natural labor was so empowering, and yes it did hurt horribly.. but I made it comfortably until 8 or 9 cm this time. I found the pushing to be the worst, I ended up on my back and afraid to move and cause contractions so I probably made it harder on myself, but I still only pushed for 20 min. As soon as he was out the pain and contractions were gone, until the placenta needed to come out, but that was just like bad period cramps.. I did hit a point where I didn't think I could push anymore, I was begging for a break.. it was very hard but I did it and it is something I am so glad I experienced. I held him right away and it was so incredible... I have the picture of when they first gave him to me on my profile picture.

I want to try again with ds3, hopefully in a better pushing position though, and with essential oils honestly now that I know how bad it can hurt I am terrified..but it is still very much worth it.

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