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Labouring with bad... piles! *blush*

So the title says it! I have the dreaded piles. Have one that's quite big, it's been there for about a week despite treating it with zinc oxide etc. Midwife says it's to do with all the pressure down there. Anyways it's been bleeding a fair amount too, and I'm worried about had bad/painful/big it's gonna get during labour! anyone have any experience?

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I have some I've had for years! They generally don't bother me so I've never had anything done with them! Anyway they didn't cause me any problems during labour and delivery and I had an episiotomy very close to where they are and again they didn't cause any issues. Hopefully be the same for

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I have awful piles 😢 they thrombosed in my last few weeks and I was petrified of havin them in labour but tbh they didn't bother me at all, I think ur to preoccupied with contraction pain to remember that their there

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I had to Google piles because I wasn't sure what you were talking about .. I have had hemorrhoids after my first and still occasionally will have issues. I hate it so I totally get it!!

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no advice but

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