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40+3 contractions but not reg?

I was due the 6th. Last night i started losing my plug and having random contractions. I had them consistent 10 min apart for 1 hr then they quit!
So ALL day ive had continuious cramp and started contractions again late this afternoon. Now they are all over like 10min 8, 15, 20, 15, 10, and so on.....should i phone the birthing center or just wait it out?

This is my second baby, but hers was nothing like this!

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sounds like you may be close! my last labor was a lot like that for a few days. I prefer to be at home as long as possible so I'd be inclined to wait it out a bit. But if you are concerned at all call.

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Sounds promising! I had something similar with my second, on the 19th I had a couple hours of irregular contractions, the same on the morning of the 20th and then they became regular that evening and my daughter was born in the early hours of the 21st. I didn't phone until the evening of the 20th where they had become regular and I could tell they were progressing. Good luck!

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MY second was like this. I had odd random pains all day but not regular. My waters went at 6.30pm and then the contractions really kicked in. He arrived at 11pm.

I can't believe I didn't know I was in labour when I had done it before but with my first I had realist contractions for hours before my waters went.

Sounds promising, good luck!

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hopefully you will have had your baby now

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