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false labor and 40w1d

Went in L&D at 3am with painful contractions that were 3-5 minutes apart. Since I'm full term I though this is it! They hooked me up and i was told my contractions were 7-9 min apart. (So whats with the pain in between?) They checked me and said I was only 1cm dilated and to come back when real labor starts. (Well a week ago I was closed shut so thats something). Its 9:30am and I am no longer feeling contractions. Husband and I DTD when we got home from the hospital thinking it would kick things off...but nope, if anything it stopped it. I'm going in to see the doc in half an hour and will be begging for a sweep because this is ridiculous. My body is just teasing me at this point.

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What a tease! I'm sorry things weren't progressing as you thought

Good luck for some progress really soon!!

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This happened to me with #2, but mine stopped just before we got in the car. I went to the midwife the following evening and she said definitely no where near going into labour, would be weeks yet (I was 38w) the next evening the same thing started up again, so I sent hubby to work and had a bath and they seemed to stop again. Then when I got out of the bath they came back, hard. Cue panic bag packing and phone calls, hubby came home, we raced to hospital and I delivered shortly after getting there

Oh and I passed that midwife in the corridor while puffing and panting, the look on her face was priceless!

Good luck and fingers crossed you are having your baby as I type this!!!

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