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VBAC after 2 cesareans

Hi ladies,

Any success stories with a VBAC after 2 cesareans? Me and my partner would love to try for a 3rd baby, we love our little boys so much and feel like this could be a great time to have another but I am so petrified of the birth.

I suffer from health anxiety and I really struggled whilst having an elective c-section and just had a panic attack the whole way through, shaking and crying! I would love to give birth naturally but again the risks just get to me really badly.

Thank you in advance for any replies xxx

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I'm also wondering this. Have you made a decision since posting? X

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I'm going for a vba2c, actually trying to decide on a hba2c... any update?

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I'd also like to hear from anyone whos had 2 sections and gone on to have a vaginal birth!

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