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Struggling between Vbac and csec

Warning this might be a bit long.

I got a surprise on the way, #3! However I am having a hard time after OB said they will only do a c section. I did not get to have a vaginal birth with my twins because of complications with one. My c section went fine and recovery wasn't bad, it's the epidural that I am dead set against. I hate needles as it is but the needle hurt and went to far and caused a spinal fluid leak giving me a spinal headache aka I thought I was dying.

My one son was transferred to nicu at all children's and set for major surgery. I finally got to go there when the spinal headache kicked in, I saw my son for 1minute before I puked my guts out, the nurse had DH rush me to the emergency room across the street. I was there 8hours and missed my sons surgery, I was heartbroken and had no idea how he was. Then I had to go through the horrible process of having needles shoved in knuckle to pull sterile blood to then have a needle in my back to use the blood to patch it. So also a bit of resentment toward the section causing me to miss this major event for my son.

It was the worst thing I've ever gone through and I explained this to my OB and all she said was we can meet with anesthesia to make sure they don't do it again. I ve been thinking and I am just really not ok with it, I do not want an epidural. I found a hospital near my work that will do Vbac but that also means I have to switch OB, outside of my No Vbac, section only issue I love my ob and I am comfortable with them. If I had to have an emcs I feel confident in them. I really don't know what to do. It's scary to me to switch OB, but I really rather experience what I missed out on and obviously don't want an epidural.

Any advice or has anyone had a spinal headache and had a normal section? Has anyone switched OBs and it went well? If pregnancy goes well I'd love a Vbac, I am just scared and confused on what to do at this point.

Summary: Previous c section ended with spinal fluid leak from epidural, had spinal patch=worst experience I ve had. Do not want an epidural, would prefer Vbac but this requires me to switch hospitals and OB which makes me nervous. Not sure what I want to do, just looking for help/advice/support/place to vent.

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Medical mistakes are a horrible horrible thing to live with. Can be so distressing and will probably stay with you forever, especially since it was at a time when it was supposed to be a very happy time in your life. They way I would look at it is, if you had been with the other OB initially you may be 100% happy with them just like you are with your current one. Changing may be scary but also going in for another epidural will be far more traumatising given your experience than changing OB. Maybe just list pros and cons of each, try to work out which will make you less anxious. As someone who has endured 2 medical mistakes I'd be changing doctors (don't have that option here in the uk). Only you know how you cope in situations like thag though. So sorry you had to go through at of that. It really gets to me that if you are a 'victim" of a error in medicine normally you can take it further but in childbirth it's so different, it's always just excused by the doctors doing their best to save the children. While I'm sure you agree you would do anything for your children it's so difficult to deal with these things. wanting to be there for your newborn but can't be because you haven't been looked after properly. Makes me so mad.
I wish you all the best xxx

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