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Birth Plans

Hey everyone, was just wondering if any of you have started writing your birth plans or "birth preferences" as its called these days as you can never really plan these things. I wrote one last time and I feel like the midwife I had really did take my wishes into consideration which was really nice as I know this isn't always the case with some.

Anyway I'm starting to wonder what i will write for my birth plan this time around as both labours and births have been quite different and for some reason my mind is going blank lol.

Anyone want to share their birth plans or things they know for sure they want and can have? I know some midwives are funny with eating during labour whereas some aren't, i don't know about any of you but i always seem to be starving whilst in labour and would really like to snack, is this something people write in their birth preferences? "I would like to eat" x

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My goal is to stay as easy-breezy and open minded as possible! There are goals I've set for myself, like to stay up and active, and to utilise tools like the pool (if permitted) and birthing ball to my advantage. The only things I definitely really want are immediate skin-to-skin and to start breastfeeding ASAP.

I had an epidural with DS (way too late, at 8cm, they messed up and didn't examine me beforehand!) and it slowed down my labour AND gave me a whopping fever of 40. So I'm going to do my damndest to deal with the pain as best I can this time.