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How to get through being overdue

I'm 40w 3d and feeling pretty bummed. My first was breech and a c-section. My second was induced at a week overdue, although I was already in labor for two days prior. It was just progressing very slowly. I was exhausted, and had to push for two hours. Baby was whisked away with breathing trouble and put on antibiotics. I bled more than most, afterward. Before that, I experienced almost two weeks of extreme pressure pain and then two bouts of false labor during my 39th week.

I really had my hopes up for a "normal" deliver this time. Wanted to be one of those women who spontaneously go into labour on or just before their due date and then have a baby like 12 hours later. I wanted the excitement of letting family and friends know that we're heading to the hospital. Stupid fantasy, I know. Most of my friends and family had their babies early. At 38w 6d, by OB told me I'd have it anytime as everything was "favourable". Lost my mucus plug a while ago. I set myself up for disappointment, because I was convinced I was going to have it at 39w.

How is everyone else getting through being overdue? It's all I can think about. I need to stop hoping that it will happen soon. It's probably not going to and I'll have to be induced. I guess I'm just having a bad day today. I'm so uncomfortable and I still have two in diapers. It's so hard to move around.

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I just wanted to send to you HUGE hugs

I understand how you feel I was induced both times at 40+12 & 40+11 and I felt sad for a long time that I never got my spontaneous labour etc but honestly now I don't care as I have my 2 gorgeous children

Hang in there mumma

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I'm with you too. I was induced both times with my girls at 40+12 and 40+11. Each time I thought I'd go early and each day was like a week.

This time I'm trying to focus on the latest possible date rather than my due date, I figure anything else will be a bonus. It's really hard when you have young children already. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old and horrendous SPD so I really do feel for you. I know it's easy to say but try to remain positive and try and plan something light for each day - that's my approach - that's not to say I won't be going out of my mind by my due date but what else is there!? xxx

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