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bad experience 1st time, help?

i had a TERRIBLE induced 63 hour labour. i had morphine for gallbladder attacks, i was being force fed due to my low blood sugars, i tried fentanyl and the gas for pain which both didnt even touch that horribleness. i did not have an epidural and the pain was simply excruiciating. i have pelvic issues that i think caused it to be this awfull.... but i still dont want an epi next time.. how can i make this process easier? obviously i will be avoiding induction... but anything else?

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Just curious, is there a reason you want to avoid an epidural? I had an epidural and my birth was great. I labored in 3 different positions, could feel when to push, baby latched immediately after he came out...and I was up using the bathroom 2 hours later (after all the visitors left).

My only advice would be to go in with an open mind. Telling yourself I won't get an epidural may give you more anxiety because then you'll put it in your mind that you will have to endure all the pain without relief. But maybe if you go I with the mindset that if things get too painful, you'll get an epidural - maybe that'll give you a mental break and may relax you enough to go without pain meds. Just knowing you've agreed to pain relief if you need it, may be very comforting.

I think most women have great outcomes with epidurals. You just hear more about the bad cases.

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Have you had your gallbladder dealt with now?

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Yes I am also curious why you don't want an epidural.
Just in case it is because you are afraid, hopefully we can ease your concerns. They had 3 failed attempts at getting mine in, but it didn't hurt or anything at all. It just sounded a bit funny because I could kind of hear the needle in my back if that makes sense. I am so scared of needles, but honestly it was fine. The hardest part was bending over and staying still for that long because like you, I was having a gallbladder attack at the time (thank goodness that is removed now!).
The epidural was a fantastic experience for me. I was not dilating at all after 3 days of failed inductions and it was my last resort before a c section. It finally relaxed me and after an hour I dilated to 1 cm lol. Anyway, loved it. It was weak enough that I could move my legs and I could top it up when I wanted to. I will definitely be getting another one for this labour.

Sorry if I haven't helped you at all, but I just wanted to leave you with a positive epidural story. As PP mentioned, I think that majority of women who have epidurals have a positive experience and it is just that the ones that go wrong are more vocal about it.

Good luck. I hope your gallbladder is removed by now and hopefully we have calmed you a little bit.

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With my DS1 the ONLY thing in my birth plan was no epidural, even just the thought of it made me feel sick! However 3cm in and I knew I couldn't do it without so I asked for one and it was fine, I'd have no doubts in asking for another one if I feel the need for it this time round. I had a few issues after the birth of my son but the epidural wasn't one of them.

Sarah xxx

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I'm sure you have your own reasons for not wanting an epidural, so I'm not trying to talk you into it. But just wanted to give you another positive epidural story... I also went into labour determined not to get an epidural but it was more than I could handle and I wasn't progressing. I got the epidural and relaxed/slept/dialated and everything was great. It went from the most traumatic experience of my life to relaxing and peaceful in minutes. 🙂

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