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Ftm and labor question

Hi I am 39 weeks pregnant and yesterday I felt horrible. I was exhausted and I have been feeling nauseous on and off for a few days. I've been having contractions on and off for a few days, usually a few in the morning and then it's done. Well last night I just couldn't sleep very well because my back has been bothering me so bad. I'm not sure if I am having contractions in my back but they aren't really going around to my stomach so I'm unsure if I am in labor or not. At the doctors on Thursday I was 1 cm dialated and 75% effaced.

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They can be in your back, but the key really is that they are regular, lasting a certain amount of time every so many minutes. If you really are in labour, it's pretty obvious. It doesn't feel like anything else (maybe a bit like the cramps you get with really bad diarrhoea) more so than like period pains. But I did get period like pains in the days leading up to it, but they were more constant, lasting two hours at a time, not like coming in waves. I didn't feel tired before or in any discomfort really at all, other than the little bit of period like cramps, but I did have loads of EWCM and felt very emotional, which I've heard is quite typical. If your back is bothering you (and you don't think it's labour), I found swimming helped more than anything in the last few weeks.

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I always know I'm in labor when I see blood when I wipe, and feel the worst poop pains of my life that come and go every few minutes.

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i was induced, and my labour was fairly quick, but i went with your in labour when the pains take your breath away ? mind you.... im probably not the best to ask, the midwives didnt realise i was in labour until i was 9 cm and my waters burst ......

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