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Debilitating spinal headache for a week already

I had a lumbar puncture done, but I was not sure where to put this. I just know many moms experience the same after birth.

I have been unable to get up or move much for a whole week now. It actually got so bad for me 2 days after the procedure that I was put in the hospital and received opioids every 2 hours that did not even take all the pain. I was more dead than alive during those days. Flat on my back, hallucinating, my world spinning, feeling pain that I never even knew existed.
I was unable to take care of my breastfed one year old, who refused all food and fluids while I was gone and fell into a horrible state of dehydration and insomnia.
Just in time I was able to quit the opioids and resume feeding him again.

But my problems seems to be worsening headache and pressure pain had subsided when laying down but are now increasing again, especially on the right. I am worried I will get into that state again. My body can not take it much longer either. I have always been a low weight and lost 4kgs in just the past week from the vonstant nausea/ vomiting.

I live in Germany. Doctors here are reluctant to do the blood patch...they said mayne after two weeks or maybe needs to "heal naturally".
I feel like this leak will never heal naturally...

Can anyone relate? Any success stories of healing naturally? I can not go back to that was plain torture. 10 times worse than birth without pain medication.

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I had the same thing with my 4 month old, it went on for 10 days because i didn't know what was wrong. They need to patch it! You could lose so much spinal fluid it can be deadly! I understand your pain though. I lost so much spinal fluid i woke up one night and couldn't see, so my husband took me to theemergency room and they did a blood patch. I got immediate relief! I hope you can get it fixed soon! I'm so sorry you're going through this, ii wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy

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I had this happen too and was going to have the blood patch done but instead they put me in hospital for 72 hours on strict flat bestest, fluids and extra electrolytes. I was not allowed to move at all, even to use the bathroom, I had to have a bed pan and urinary catheter. It was awful! Before being hospitalized I thought I was dying, lost my hearing, had bad vision when up right. I sympathize completely because it's one of the worst things to go through! Luckily not moving for 72 hours did the trick for me and I didn't need the patch but it was close. I have permanent issues from that experience though, my hearing still is weird from time to time and i hear wishing at strange times. I never ever ever want to experience anything like that again! I hope you get better soon.

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