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Honestly, it wasn't that bad for me. I had a few after pains, and that was probably the worst thing! The bleeding is heavy, so make sure you have some maternity pads. I didn't tear or anything though, so I guess I've been very lucky really. That first shower is a struggle, so don't be afraid to ask for help - I was very wobbly on my feet, with my first I had to sit in the shower because I couldn't stand well at all. X

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With both kids, I was honestly just a tiny bit sore. I'm not even sure I can say "sore" was just a rather swollen tender feeling. Nothing that didn't let me walk around or sit. The thing that got me BAD was hemorrhoids. First baby was 10 days of agony. Second baby was almost 6 weeks of agony. Without the hemorrhoid issue, it would have been a freaking walk in the park!

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Itís all depends on your birth experience. I had an episiotomy and epidural with my first and the recovery was awful. I couldnít hardly move for weeks and it took a long time to even walk normal. I had severe burning pains in my urethra as well from the catheter for about 6 months. My 2,3,and 4 kids were all unmedicated, vaginal deliveries. . Recovery was much better. I only took ibuprofen for a few days after thebirths , despite still tearing each time. I really think it depends on so many factors that youíll just have to wait and see. And donít worry, we were made tondo this, so youíll be just fine

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