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Epidural- scared of not feeling when to push

I've been thinking about trying an epidural this time around (3rd baby). I'm just extremely scared that when it comes to pushing I just won't be able to do it. I don't want them using any tools. Anyone have that fear? Any experience of going threw with it and everything being fine. As weird as it sounds I actually want to feel something. Also birth doesn't last too long.

Last birth I got first contractions at 12-1am and got to the hospital at 4am and my son was born at 6:05am. I was actually waiting for the doctor to get there for idk how long. I was ready for a nurse to deliver but I was forced to wait. Also my doctor is pushing for inducing. Made a comment like how do you feel if you have a baby in a parking lot.

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With my first I got the epidural really late and was still feeling the pressure, but they left me alone for a while. I didn't know when to push but the dr and midwife were very encouraging and it went fine. When I was finally able to push/when I finally figured out what to do, there was no going back and she was out in no time you'll be fine.

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The doctors/nurses/midwife should be monitoring the contractions closely and telling you when to push. There really weren't problems with it the first time, except it was a strange sensation to not know when to push. But I trusted the medical professionals.

If you're concerned about not feeling the urge to push, though, and you've gone drug-free two times already, maybe an epidural isn't the best option? Especially if you have shorter labors. I went epidural-free with my second and I did find it helpful to feel the urge. Also I found the pain was more manageable while pushing because I had that focus and energy.

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I had epidurals both times and had a very strong urge to push, so much so that they had to let me start pushing sooner than they wanted to because I literally couldn't stop. It didn't cause any issues

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They did my epidural twice as the first one didn't quite take... and I had absolutely no urge to push or anything. However, the doctors/nurses tell you when to push and for how long to push.
The main problem I had is that I never felt any pressure so they wouldn't come check to see how I was progressing. They told me I'd definitely know because I would feel the pressure to push... I ended up lying to them and saying that I had pressure. She was fully engaged and came out with an awful cone head from chilling in my vagina for so long. >.<

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I had a baby in a parking lot, it wasn't that bad XD

I know my SIL had 2 epidurals and first she didn't feel the urge and was coached. 2nd they turned it down when she was getting close to pushing and she felt the urge then. Possible to get them to turn it down I believe! GL! If it's a quick one honestly you might not have time for an epidural... I wouldn't let them induce you because of fear of a fast labour. You can do it!!

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I did get the urge but my doctor coached me and I had no problems. Plus my body was doing it by itself. Ds actually came out without me intentionally pushing while the doctor was getting in a gown. Thank goodness someone caught him!

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I was so numb with my first baby i didn't feel a thing. He sat inside of me and basically the contractions pushed him out. When the doctor showed up, he was already crowning. The dr/nurse told me when to push based on my contraction monitor and he was out in one push.

The only fear I would have for someone with an epidural is that since they are numb, they don't know how to push and can't actually feel if they are pushing. BUT since you've had babies before, you know how to push and know where to put the pressure. Good luck!

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I had an epidural with my first, in the beginning it was difficult with positioning and when to push because I couldn't really feel anything. By the halfway mark, the epidural had begun to wear out and I was able to feel more and get into a 'groove' of knowing when to push. I will be opting for another epidural this time, but won't be pushing the button so much so that I can feel more and work with my body to get the baby out. Go with a pregnancy plan that is best suited for you and you alone. Granted of all the help you'll be getting, you're the star of the show and should make recommendations based upon your needs and wants during labor.

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