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Epidural- scared of not feeling when to push

I've been thinking about trying an epidural this time around (3rd baby). I'm just extremely scared that when it comes to pushing I just won't be able to do it. I don't want them using any tools. Anyone have that fear? Any experience of going threw with it and everything being fine. As weird as it sounds I actually want to feel something. Also birth doesn't last too long.

Last birth I got first contractions at 12-1am and got to the hospital at 4am and my son was born at 6:05am. I was actually waiting for the doctor to get there for idk how long. I was ready for a nurse to deliver but I was forced to wait. Also my doctor is pushing for inducing. Made a comment like how do you feel if you have a baby in a parking lot.

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With my first I got the epidural really late and was still feeling the pressure, but they left me alone for a while. I didn't know when to push but the dr and midwife were very encouraging and it went fine. When I was finally able to push/when I finally figured out what to do, there was no going back and she was out in no time you'll be fine.

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The doctors/nurses/midwife should be monitoring the contractions closely and telling you when to push. There really weren't problems with it the first time, except it was a strange sensation to not know when to push. But I trusted the medical professionals.

If you're concerned about not feeling the urge to push, though, and you've gone drug-free two times already, maybe an epidural isn't the best option? Especially if you have shorter labors. I went epidural-free with my second and I did find it helpful to feel the urge. Also I found the pain was more manageable while pushing because I had that focus and energy.

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I had epidurals both times and had a very strong urge to push, so much so that they had to let me start pushing sooner than they wanted to because I literally couldn't stop. It didn't cause any issues

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