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Epidural with codeine allergy

Has anyone got an epidural with a codeine allergy?

This is part of the reason why I've had two natural births. I am allergic to codeine and the fear of possibly having an allergic reaction while giving birth has turned me off of the idea. that I am pregnant with #3 I am like ... give me everything!! Haha. So, I am wondering if anyone with a codeine allergy has had an epidural before and if they had any problems?
I will be mentioning it to my ob again (he didn't say anything when I mentioned it before but this was early in pregnancy and we didn't go into much detail a out my birth plan).

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My friend has a codeine allergy and had epidurals with all three of her children with no adverse reactions. And she has a very severe codeine allergy. However, you need to make your allergy known to the anesthesiologist as that is who will be mixing the epidural and can customize it to your needs. Your OB might not know since that is not there area of expertise.

When I had my first child the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me shortly after I was admitted into L&D, but that might not be standard procedure.

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lou belle
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There shouldn't be a problem with the drugs used for epidural. In the hospital in work in we use fentanyl and marcaine. I've never heard of a codeine allergy being anice issue. You should be assessed by one of the anaesthetic team during one of your antenatal visits I'd there are concerns about epidural or spinal.

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I have a pretty moderate codeine allergy and had an epi with my firstborn. No problems at all!

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Codiene isn’t used in an epidural it’s a different drug so there’s no reason that one should effect the other. I’m really sensitive to codiene, I’ve never had an epidural but I know I’ve been offered them if I felt I needed one.

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