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I had an episiotomy with my first, they gave it to me without asking, and it ended with a third-degree tear. I healed really well and was terrified of the second birth. I will say I ended up with a second episiotomy because the scar tissue from the first wasn't stretching, but it was very minor and I had a second-degree tear that also healed quickly and easily. Most people who have tears the first time don't have them the second time, I think I'm a little unusual. But even so i ended up healing well and easily with no lasting complications. Best of luck to you! Second births really do tend to be easier.

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With my first I had similar, everything fine until pushing then it all went wrong. I was given one local injection but they didn't have time to wait to just cut me and put the forceps in and dragged her out. (result = 4th degree tear)

I opted for a secton section time round (which ended up an urgent elective) as my waters broke 10 days early. But I was assured that I would have extra care if I went for a vaginal delivery. After an anal ultrasound to check I was told I could go for a normal delivery if I wanted as I had healed well and as long as I was in hospital earlier than the recommended time for monitoring then it would be OK, the same was unlikely to happen again.

I only opted for a section due to the psychological impact of the first delivery and the other problems I had after (totally unrelated but all interlinked -too long to write here)

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Originally Posted by MrsButterfly View Post
You poor thing. My two birth experiences were very different. First lasted 24 hours, pushing for 2 hours, had episiotomy and almost ventouse suction but got him out just in time. Second - labour lasted about 3.5 hours and I was pushing for 5-10 minutes. No pain relief and no tearing.

So there is every chance your second one will go smoothly.
Really similar to me. I had a dreadful experience with my first labou R where in the end I suffered a tear in my cervix which they had to stitch up as well as the episiotomy, all with no pain relief. I was terrified when I had my second but as pp says: the second labor was sooooo different. Really fast, a couple of pushes and no episiotomy. I did tear but only slightly and they only had to do one stitch which I barely noticed.

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I'm not quite sure why episiotomies are so common in other parts of the world. It's very, very rare to have them here. My first was 7lbs 2oz, and my second was 8lbs 2oz. I tore a tiny bit, but never felt them and didn't feel anything after during recovery. I did have an epidural with both babies I was pretty relaxed while pushing.

Second babies are usually much easier and you tend to tear less, if at all. I'd go in with an open mind and if you need pain relief, take it. There's no harm in it.

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My two births were so different.

First one was 6 days late, induction, gas and air and pethadene, 8 hour labour (all on back as needed constant monitoring) and born in theatre via forceps with large episiotomy to boot...... Was not pleasant and my recovery was hell on earth. I couldn't sit down properly for three months. Mind you he was 10lb 7 ounces.

Second birth (3.5 years later). Started labour spontaneously one week early. Got to hospital at 6 am and was 7cm ready. Gas and air only and laboured leaning over back of bed so gravity on my side. and he was born at 7.30am 8 minutes after my waters broke. I had a second degree tear which was stitched but my recovery after was great. I didn't feel like I had just given birth. He was 8lb 3.5 ounces.

Hope this helps

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