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I had an episiotomy with my first, they gave it to me without asking, and it ended with a third-degree tear. I healed really well and was terrified of the second birth. I will say I ended up with a second episiotomy because the scar tissue from the first wasn't stretching, but it was very minor and I had a second-degree tear that also healed quickly and easily. Most people who have tears the first time don't have them the second time, I think I'm a little unusual. But even so i ended up healing well and easily with no lasting complications. Best of luck to you! Second births really do tend to be easier.

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With my first I had similar, everything fine until pushing then it all went wrong. I was given one local injection but they didn't have time to wait to just cut me and put the forceps in and dragged her out. (result = 4th degree tear)

I opted for a secton section time round (which ended up an urgent elective) as my waters broke 10 days early. But I was assured that I would have extra care if I went for a vaginal delivery. After an anal ultrasound to check I was told I could go for a normal delivery if I wanted as I had healed well and as long as I was in hospital earlier than the recommended time for monitoring then it would be OK, the same was unlikely to happen again.

I only opted for a section due to the psychological impact of the first delivery and the other problems I had after (totally unrelated but all interlinked -too long to write here)

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