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Anyone have a labia minora tear and not get stitches?

They told me that I hadn't torn at all, but I got home and 4 days pp I noticed increased pain in one area. I finally got a mirrorand looked down there. A tear an inch long down into the vagina. And about half inch wide of exposed wound. I called the hospital and thereis no record of the tear in my chart. They told me to come in uff I'm having pain, which of coursei am. Not sure if it can be stitched or if I should go in. 6 days pp now, it seems a little less painful. Anyone else have a minora tear that wasn't stitched and healed on its own ?

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I had a 2nd deg tear that was sewn , but they missed a tear on my labia. It was sore for a week or two but healed nicely and has never caused me issues ! Tea tree and lavender baths helped xxx

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I had a 2nd degree tear that was stitched and two additional tears on each side without stitches. They hurt. Witch hazel helped me. They healed fine.

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