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Dad catching baby?

My dh would love to be the one to catch the baby when it's born. I am planning a homebirth and will probably be in the pool all being well. Has anybody done this? Not even sure if midwife will allow it? Am going to run it by her at my next appointment. Just wanted to hear if anybody else had done this. I think it would make him feel much more involved

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I don't imagine it would be any issue - and if it is, make sure you are heard. Some woman even opt to have a midwife there to make sure labour is progressing but are completely hands off for the birth itself as the parents want to be the ones to bring their baby into the world. Some midwives will take a back seat approach, some won't but it's something I would look into for sure!! As long as your labour progresses normally, there is no reason you and your husband can't do the job she would normally do as she supervises and supports you.

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If your having a homebirth then he will absolutely be able to catch bubs he will even be aloud in the pool with you if it is something you choose. There is not a whole lot you can’t do with a homebirth it is your baby and your body really is their number one focus and it’s all down to what makes you comfortable.

I had a homebirth with my second and I actually caught my baby the midwives didn’t touch him at all while he was being born and that was in a pool. The original plan was that my husband would be the one to catch him and hand him to me but he got back to me just as he was born as he was tending to our other son.

I hope you have a good midwife and she is supportive of your wants and needs which they usually are with homebirth and good for you for having a homebirth. This is going to be my fourth baby and my homebirth was by far the most amazing empowering experience of all 3 of my births so far. We are planning another homebirth this time and sssooo looking forward to it!!

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