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I have been wondering about this as I have some firm ideas of what I want and am not sure how it will go down with family, possibly even OH.

I will be having a section and I know from after my last one I felt gross, sore, uncomfortable and basically like I was unable to look after myself for the first 24 hours, and then just painful and tired after that. I had visitors and felt that I needed to "make the effort" to be presentable, slap that smile on and get on with it. This time round I want no-one but my husband and my 3 year old daughter when I am in hospital. My husbands teenage daughter has just come to live with us and I really don't even want her coming. I just want to let it all hang out for those days and I cant do that with MIL, SIL or Step Daughter around. I am worried it sounds selfish but it is me going through it all so I am hoping people will understand when told. There will be plenty of time for cuddles when we get home and I am in my own environment etc.

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Originally Posted by Wobbles View Post
Instead of dealing with visitors after I give birth, I should be able to sleep and be alone with the person that I spent nine months growing.

Click HERE!

From a Mum third time round.

So what do you think?
Even though I will be doing this for the first time in 6 months... It definitely makes me think ahead lol... Makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing!

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