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Question for those who have had a water birth and dry birth

So I'm am expecting number 3 and planning homebirth number 2. For the last week I have been thinking about not having a pool. With my first I gave birth in hospital not in water and got a bit of a tear. My second was born at home in the pool and I didn't tear at all.( not sure if it was the water or the fact I've already given birth before) I did like being in the pool but only just made it in so did t really get much benefit from it. Im starting to think I won't bother having a pool this time as it's alot if hassle but am worrying about the fact I may tear again. Would love to hear experiences of others.

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Ive had two waterbirths and one without water. My first was a waterbirth in the hospital. I had a periutheral tear which burned so bad but i think it was moreso due to the long delivery, swelling, and the fact that he was sunny side up. No stiches required though.

My second was a home waterbirth. It was a very long labor. The pool helped both times though. I had a small V shaped tear inside my vaginal canal but it wasnt bad enough to require stitches. Also he had some shoulder dystocia and i dont know how that effected getting that tear.

My third was a planned home water birth, however, i never made it to the pool on time because she came so fast there was only an inch of water in the pool. I didnt have any tears with her.

Despite the tears in my water births, i still really think the water helped. And i believe that had i not borthed in the water, those tears would have been worse than what they were.

I totally prefered my water births over my dry birth. However my dry birth was birth. Having said that i think it would have been even better had she been born in the pool.

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I've only ever had a dry land birth (at home). I had a pool, but I hated it, so got out and preferred to walk around instead. I did have a small 2nd degree tear, but it wasn't a big deal. I don't think honestly the pool makes any difference in whether you tear. It's much more to do with the speed of the birth. If you can do it slowly, you're less likely to tear. More than likely though you didn't tear 2nd time around because things were already more stretched out from your previous birth and tear.

We're having another home birth this time and I'm not having a pool. If I tear, I tear, but it's less of a hassle as far as I'm concerned than having a pool to faff around with when I'd rather my husband be there to support our daughter (who will be at the birth).

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Me personally am grossed out by giving birth in water but DS2 and DS3 were 8lb 10oz and 8lb 11oz and I only got surface grazing with both. I don't think how you give birth matters really. If it's going to happen it will. But they TRY to deliver baby's head slowly and gently to help reduce the chances.

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