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Can I choose a spinal block?

I have an allergy to the sticky stuff they use in medical tape. I had a rash from my neck to my butt from the epidural tape- and I requested a different tape the second time - requiring multiple rounds of steroids and I suffered so much that birth recover was nothing. Allergies get worse every reaction and after needing a round of steroids after a simple bikini wax (has the rosin too) my husband worries I will go into anaphylaxis if it happens again. The doctors donít seem to take me too seriously as this is a rare allergy and evidently they never saw it before. And they will not do an epidural without massive amounts of tape bc itís a needle in your spine. We donít have gas and air in the US so itís an epidural or nothing deceit narcotics. I was wondering if anyone has had a spinal block (a shot) for a vaginal birth? Will they allow it. Iím really scared

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Itís nonsense if they tell you they canít do anything about this - even in a hospital setting there will be different brands of medical tape you can try. You could literally go down to your pharmacist, but a bunch of different ones and try them out. They can also do things like wrap it in with gauze instead, though I donít know if theyíd consider that adequate for an epidural.

I also react to medical tape, I get a sore red rash every time underneath the adhesive but itís never spread on me and it has never been a big issue, I just get some sore patches that go away after a few days.

I think they do do spinal blocks in some situations for a vaginal birth but I donít think itís something you could keep doing for 12 hours or so whilst in labour. Spinal blocks are of limited duration but an epidural you can keep on going.

Epidural is really your better option of the two. You need to go back to your dr and discuss options and your fears.

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I’ve never heard of a spinal being used for a vaginal birth I’ve only ever seen them used for sections but that’s in the UK and doesn’t mean it isn’t done it’s just not something I’ve experienced or seen offered (I’m a student midwife so have some experience). I’d imagine it would make a vaginal birth quite difficult as with an epidural you still have some sensation but with a spinal you don’t. It’s worth asking what your other options are though and going from there.

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