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Retained Placenta last birth

Has anyone had retained placenta with one of their births and did not the following one?

I had one with baby #2. I actually don't know too much of the details so it must not have been as serious as it sometimes can be. I know they tried massaging it out for 20 minutes or so but it wasn't budging so I got whisked away and put under where they manually removed it.
I know that it's more common for it to happen again if it has previously... I'm just extremely nervous of it happening again.

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My sister in law had it with her first and not with her second. First they didn't put her under though just put their hand up there and removed it!! She did have an epidural but I don't think it really helped! But with her second I believe she just pushed it out

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Did you have the injection to help it come away? Xxx

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I had a small bit, about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bigger, get retained with my first baby. I had an unmedicated birth but after about a half hour after he was born they gave me the pitocin injection (into my thigh) due to PPH. We didnt know until much later that a small piece had torn off and didnt get out. The doctor thoroughly looked at the placenta right at delivery though and she didnt catch the small clump that was missing.

Im expecting my fourth. Aside from my first, i never had the problem again.

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