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Originally Posted by Guppy051708 View Post
How long were you all in labor for?

If youve had more than one baby, how long was it for each (and was the drip on or not?)

^^yeah they dont readily offer G&A here. I know that wont even be an option.
26 or so hours.

Got pessary at 9 pm. Slept. Slight pains
Pitocin at 6 am?
Pain and nothing progressing for hours.
Doc broke my waters at 10 am.
Worst pain of my life until 3 pm or so. Active labor.
Epidural at 3
Slept until 6
Pushed for FOUR HOURS - including eventual vacuum assist
Born after 10 pm

Totally healthy!!

Just a really long labor.

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Induced with pitocin = 4.5 hrs, spontaneous birth 1.5 hrs

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Old Jan 8th, 2018, 02:29 AM   23
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52 hours in total.

Pessary given at 5pm on Wednesday, drip started on Thursday evening at 11pm, DD born 9:06pm Friday evening.

From drip starting to baby arriving was 22 hours.

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Pessary was given on the 19th, a day passed, no joy. Second pessary given on the 20th, got me to 2cms, waters were broken at 8am on the 21st and I had my son at 8:37pm after an emergency ventous delivery.

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Old Jan 8th, 2018, 22:17 PM   25
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I was 1cm when I went in. Had the balloon put in over night, so was 3cm by the morning (but not in labour). They broke my waters at 6:30am, but this didn’t get labour going so the pitocin drip was started at 8:30am. They increased it 3 times between 8:30am and almost 10am before it was enough that I didn’t need anymore.
I started to need to concentrate and breath through contractions from around 9:30am onwards, and my son was born at 12:40pm - so I kind of consider my labour 3 hours and 10 minutes. But the hospital I think only counts labour from when things get more intense, as they counted it as a 2 hour and 15 minute labour..

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Old Jan 22nd, 2018, 11:18 AM   26
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Pitocin was awful. My honest advice is to get the epidural with the pitocin. I had a rather horrible experience and I went from 4-10cm in 1 hour. And the epidural didn't get placed until I was about 9-10cm and it took a long time for it to kick in because I was in so much pain, my adrenaline was burning it off. It wasn't like that at all with my first.

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Old Feb 11th, 2018, 22:32 PM   27
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Had a sweep done and was 3cm dilated. Thought the sweep would get things moving - boy was I wrong. He decided he was NOT coming out. I was booked for an induction 2 days later because of GD if the sweep didn't start active labour. Didn't want a medically induced labour so midwife broke waters at 11am, felt a few contractions, born in a single push 40 minutes later - no pain relief at all. But I have a pretty high tolerance to pain anyhow so wouldn't have taken it anyhow. I had gas but it just gives me something to concentrate on rather than pushing before I'm fully dilated. The pain was no worse than it was with my natural labours and because I could talk through the contractions didn't realize how close to giving birth I actually was. But I would NOT wish a 40 minute labour on anyone. Pain aside for me, there was no gradual build up so for the last 20 minutes of labour I was so dizzy, sweaty and faint it wasn't funny. I didn't believe I'd just given birth nor was I comfortable holding my new baby without his father because the shock was still there as was the dizziness.

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Old Feb 15th, 2018, 07:20 AM   28
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I've had an induced birth and a completely natural birth. The labour pains with pitocin were no different than in my natural labour.

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Old Mar 1st, 2018, 02:22 AM   29
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I had an induction with epidural and had zero pain. My natural birth with has and air was twenty times more painful and was actually VERY painful.

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Iíve been induced three times with pitocin so have never had a Labour without being induced. It is very painful, very quick and there is no break in between contractions BUT Iíve never had a Labour longer than 1hr 50mins with picocin, so I would get induced again because the pain is so short lived! I donít know whether if I went into natural Labour, if I would give birth so quick. Oh and every time Iíve had diamorphine 5-10 minutes before giving birth, so Iím always woozy after Iím going to try learn this time when the pain gets too much the baby will be here soon

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